This installation section includes details on the scope of delivery and the Hardware Appliance device and provides step-by-step instructions for installing the Hardware Appliance.

Hardware Appliance Unboxing

For details on the scope of delivery and the device, as well as important notes on taking the Hardware Appliance into operation and powering it up, see Hardware Appliance Unboxing.

Initial Set-up

During the initial set-up process, the Hardware Appliance is transferred from its delivery state to a production setup. For more information and instructions on configuration steps involved, see Initial Set-up

Restore from Backup

For instructions and prerequisites for restoring a standalone system from backup, see Restore from Backup.

Using External CA for Installation

You can install two different Hardware Appliances with the same Management CA certificate. For this process, the certificate is installed on a smart card. For more information, see Using External CA for Installation