MARCH 2022

This minor release is an internal and customer-specific release not generally available for customers.


EJBCA Enterprise

EJBCA Enterprise

EJBCA Hardware Appliance eIDAS edition includes EJBCA Enterprise eIDAS edition version

For more information, see the EJBCA Release Notes.

New Features and Improvements

Issues fixed for EJBCA Appliance eIDAS edition 1.2.1:

MONT-2470: Fix a condition/bug that could result in VMs (except cos-ejbca) to start
MONT-2590: Implement safeties for a weird P11R1 situation (not relevant in eIDAS)
MONT-2689: Updating/Adding the java truststore / cacerts
MONT-2741: Fix access to JBoss CLI in Appliance
MONT-3025: AVM/hsm: catch utimaco tool output on stderr also
MONT-3029: Upgrade the application server to WildFly 24
MONT-3083: Fix "snmp EJBCA healthcheck causes distracting debug log messages"
MONT-3087: Fix "All wildfly instances don't log into server.log"
MONT-3092: Provide MIB file for SNMP
MONT-3107: compress rsyslog files on rotation
MONT-3236: Fix "Sometimes VM console tmux does not start at boot"
MONT-3247: Display HSM serial number in the WebConf
MONT-3253: Prepare for external utimaco HSM
MONT-3271: Extend the SNMP MIB file to contain the eIDAS-only hsm-auditlogfile-size
MONT-3297: Update the VGW configuration to allow DELETE for REST API
 MONT-3299: a minor bugfix established while implementing Link Bonding: always auto-restart httpd and sshd
 MONT-3335: a minor change that hopefully makes it easier for PS to maybe implement OAuth for EJBCA
MONT-3440: EJBCA OCSP audit and transaction logging is now sent to syslog