The following offers a brief introduction to the EJBCA Hardware Appliance. For more information, refer to the PrimeKey webpage EJBCA Appliance.

Note that the Hardware Appliance product documentation is currently delivered with the software and that providing online documentation here is under development.

EJBCA Appliance

EJBCA Appliance is a PKI-in-a-box able to combine our Enterprise software with a secure technology stack and enterprise-grade hardware, including a Hardware Security Module (HSM). In a single deployment of the Appliance you get all the benefits of EJBCA Enterprise. And a single instance of the Appliance enables you to govern multiple CAs, reducing any need for several, dedicated hardware units.

PrimeKey EJBCA Appliance brings all components needed to successfully deploy and operate a full-blown Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). It includes a complete Certificate Management System, with an unlimited number of Certification Authorities (CAs) and/or subordinate CAs, Registration Authority (RA), and a Validation Authority (VA). An integrated FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified HSM brings enterprise-grade security keeping all cryptographic keys secure.

EJBCA Appliance comes in different capacity and performance models. Based on a stable technology stack, it supports easy and controlled maintenance. The hardware appliance is particularly useful if you are are looking for an on-premise solution based on a combined hardware and software package for your PKI solution and you do not want to add extensive server maintenance to your already very busy IT people.

The Hardware Appliance offers a web-based interface including all functions needed for a straightforward deployment and effective operation. For more information, refer to the WebConf section of the Appliance Online Help.