The Hardware Appliance features helpful status sounds, as for example for the situations described below.

BIOS Startup Sound

The BIOS (Basic Input Output System, an archaic bootloader to the x86-architecture) of the Hardware Appliance provides status information through a series of short high and low-pitched beeps soon after switching on the machine.

Booting Done

The Hardware Appliance has an overall boot time of about 5 minutes before any configuration can take place. During that time, the boot progress is displayed in the front panel display and in the WebConf. At the end of the boot period, the Hardware Appliance issues a 3-tone sound like a short fanfare: ta-ta-taaa.

Factory Reset

Pressing the Factory Reset button (see Step 1: External Erase and Factory Reset) is acknowledged by a 4-tone sound like an alarm: low-high-low-high.

The sound usually appears within 5 to 15 seconds after pressing the button. In some cases, the confirmation sound may take up to 10 minutes to appear. This can happen if you press the button twice – for example because the pen slipped off the button and was placed there again. Do not reboot the system without acknowledgment of the pressed Factory Reset button. To ensure that the factory reset was successful, you can scroll through the information pages of the Hardware Appliance display for the message Factory Reset: Reboot Required.

PIN Pad Interaction on Smart Card Reader

A short double sound indicates that PIN pad interaction on the smart card reader is required: bee-beep.

For some operations, you need to insert the correct smart card in the smart card reader and enter the correct PIN in just about 15 seconds. You will find information on the Hardware Appliance front display about the required smart card operation. These messages, too, will only be visible a short time. During wizard operations like installation, restoring of a backup, or adding the Hardware Appliance to an existing cluster, you will find more explanation in your browser.

The machine features additional audible feedback for internal uses of manufacturing and testing.