In the Backup tab and subtabs, you can configure the backup behavior of your system.

Backups are entire snapshots of the system at a specific point in time. They guarantee that you can restore a stable state in case of disaster.

To restore the system to the state of a backup, you need to perform a factory reset and use the initial wizard. During the restore procedure, you will be prompted for the Domain Master Secret that was set during the installation of the system.

Manual Backup

Use this subtab for manually initiated backups.

WebConf: Backup > Manual Backup

You have the following options:

Select the desired backup device:

Network File System (NFS)

Destination Host (NFS only):
Set the IPv4 address of the DNS hostname. The address must point to a record in the configured DNS that stores at least one IPv4 address.

Destination Path (NFS only):
Set the base path for the NFS share to be used. This is always an absolute path.

Status (USB only):
Find here information on the status of the connected USB storage device.

Backup now:
Click this button to start the backup to the specified location in the background.
To check whether the backup has completed, go back to the Backup > Manual backup tab at a later time. A backup on an empty or freshly installed system is usually done within minutes.

Show files:
Click this button to view the files.

Click this button to delete the backup in this line.

Checking NFS destination

Save the specified destination and reload the Backup > Manual backup tab to verify that the NFS destination is readable. If this is successful continue with Backup now to ensure that the location is writable as well.

Scheduled Backup

You can schedule backups to run once per day, once per week, or once per month.

WebConf: Backup > Scheduled Backup

You have the following options:

Select the desired backup schedule. You can create daily, weekly, or monthly backups.

Day of ...:
Define here on which day of the week or month the backup will be performed in weekly or monthly backups,

Time of day:
Define here the time when the backup will start.

Use these options to specify the backup device. For more information, refer to the section Manual Backup.

Click this button to test your settings.

Click this button to save your settings. The next backup will be performed on the specified day and time.

Show Files:
Click this button to view the files.

Backup time

Backups will put some load on your system. We therefore recommend to choose a day and time when you expect little usage.