Clustering with RDS Database

There are multiple ways to cluster EJBCA and the following sections provide information on clustering with RDS.

Before EJBCA Cloud 2.0, the typical approach was to cluster the local Galera nodes with each other, see Clustering with Galera on Local Nodes. As of EJBCA Cloud version 2.0, you can install directly into a Relational Database Service (RDS) database. This makes clustering and upgrades more straightforward since the data is a single, centralized source of truth.

Clustering with an RDS database is the preferred way to cluster EJBCA. Using the configuration wizard, you can directly install into an RDS database, allowing you to point nodes to this new centralized database and load balance between them. For more information, see Clustering with RDS.

A selection can also be made to install into an existing RDS database using the database configuration wizard. For more information, see Wizard Based Configuration in Clustering with RDS.