The following covers how to request a certificate for a standard user.

Create Standard User

To generate an EJBCA P12 file with a Certificate and Key for a standard user:

  1. Access the RA Web in one of the following ways:
    • In the EJBCA Administration GUI, select RA Web in the bottom-left menu.
    • Access the RA Web directly at https://<EJBCA FQDN>/ejbca/ra/
  2. In EJBCA RA, click Make New Request.
  3. In the Select Request Template Certificate Type field, select Corporate User EE Profile.
  4. Select the Key-pair generation option On Server to get an EJBCA generated P12 file with a certificate and Key.
    If you would like to instead use a CSR, select the Provided by user option.
  5. Select the Key algorithm RSA 4096 bits.
  6. Under Subject DN Attributes, specify the following:
    • CN, Common Name: Enter a common name for the user. This is usually the Username.
    • Optionally enter O, Organization and C, Country.
    • Username: Enter a username. This can be the same as the CN, Common Name.
    • Enrollment code: Enter the Enrollment Code (password) twice. This will be the same password that is used to protect the certificate bundle once downloaded.
  7. Click Download PKCS#12 to download the newly created certificate file.
  8. Save the P12 certificate file.