PrimeKey is proud to announce the release of EJBCA Cloud 1.18.

The main focus of EJBCA Cloud 1.18 is to deliver EJBCA 7.3, which introduces Azure Key Vault integration. To read more about the EJBCA 7.3 release, see the EJBCA 7.3 Release Notes.


Azure Key Vault Integration

Microsoft Azure provides a cloud "Key Vault" for HSM storage of cryptographic keys. As of EJBCA 7.3.0, Azure Key Vault can be set up as a Crypto Token in EJBCA, leveraging the advantages of cloud stored keys. EJBCA also supports Azure Key vaults service tiers of both Standard and Premium. Azure Key Vault is not enabled by default in the software versions but is already configured as a Crypto Token option in the product found in the Azure Marketplace.

For more information, see the EJBCA Cloud Azure Key Vault Integration Guide.

For Microsoft's Azure Key Vault documentation, refer to Azure Key Vault documentation.

Evaluation Period Extended to 30 Days

The evaluation period for all cloud products has been extended to 30 days. This includes EJBCA and SignServer on both AWS and Azure.

AWS S3 Publisher

EJBCA Enterprise version 7.2.1 included an Amazon Simple Storage Service (AWS S3) publisher. The AWS S3 publisher allows users to publish certificates and/or CRL data directly to an AWS S3 bucket. For more information, see the EJBCA Cloud AWS S3 Publisher Configuration Guide.

Upgrade Information

For information on how to upgrade an EJBCA Cloud hourly instance node from one version of EJBCA to another, see the AWS Restore and Upgrade Guide and Azure Restore and Upgrade Guide, respectively.