JUNE 2022

This release brings a number of improvements and resolves a Source IP formatting issue on the More Info page.

Fixes and Improvements

The following lists fixes and updates included in the release.

New Features

  • SU-483 - Display Banner on Deployment Failure
  • SU-523 - Mobile: Feedback Dialog


  • SU-502 - Syslog: don't display empty creds list, provide help
  • SU-533 - Remove 'x' close button from dialogs with a 'close' button
  • SU-535 - Refactor Portal Routes into separate file
  • SU-347 - Add length limits to fields to prevent cases that will fail validation


  • SU-473 - LastPass icon showing for user detail/email when not in edit mode
  • SU-548 - Fix Source IP formatting on MoreInfo page