To get started with the EJBCA Software Appliance, follow the steps below to log in to EJBCA Software Appliance the first time.

Log In to EJBCA Software Appliance

To log in to EJBCA Software Appliance:

  1. In your virtualization environment, click the EJBCA Software Appliance preview to open a window with the IPv4 Address, the TLS Fingerprint, and the OTP of the Software Appliance:
  2. Open your browser and enter the IPv4 Address of the Software Appliance.
  3. Your browser starts the security warning process. Click Advanced and then View Certificate.
  4. In the certificate, search for and check the Fingerprints section. The SHA-256 fingerprint must be the same as the one in the window opened from the preview.
  5. Go back to the warning dialog and click Accept the Risk and Continue. The OTP login page of the Software Appliance opens.
  6. Enter the OTP displayed in the window opened from the preview. Click Activate to open the Software Appliance with the Overview page.
  7. The Info message at the top offers you the option to import the CA that issued your client certificate. To do so click Configure Trust Store.
  8. The Access page opens. Click Upload Certificate in the Trusted CA section.
  9. Search for and select the client certificate and click OK. The issuing CA is now listed in the section Trusted CA.

What's Next?

You are now logged in. Next, take a look at the example initial setup steps, recommended for setting up the EJBCA Software Appliance in Initial Set Up.

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