APRIL 2022

We are pleased to announce the release of EJBCA Software Appliance version 2.1.2.

This maintenance release includes several bug fixes and improvements.


OpenSSL Update

CVE-2022-0778 has been reported for OpenSSL. The BN_mod_sqrt() function, which computes a modular square root in OpenSSL, contains a bug that can cause it to loop forever for non-prime moduli.

All Software Appliance components that use OpenSSL have been updated to prevent the issue.

Luna7 Driver Update

The Luna7 driver has been updated to version 10.4.0, which allows performing automatic RSA keygen mechanism remapping if using a Luna HSM 7.7.1 in non-FIPS mode.

Support Package Improvement

An issue with creating and downloading very large support packages has been resolved.

Upgrade Information

For information on the required steps to update the version of the EJBCA Software Appliance, see Update Process with ESXi.