Deployment Reference

The following provides an Ant Target Shortlist and lists files and/or functions copied/touched during various ant targets called.

Ant Target Shortlist

Deploying EJBCA

ant deployear

Files Deployed

  • ejbca.ear is deployed to the standalone/deployments directory in JBoss/WildFly

Installing EJBCA

ant runinstall

Files Deployed

  • TLS keystores (keystore.jks and truststore.jks) and superadmin keystore (superadmin.p12) are created in the directory p12
  • Will create initial Management CA and TLS and superadmin users in the database

Upgrading EJBCA

To upgrade EJBCA, and thus only deploy a new ejbca.ear file, use the following command:

ant deployear

 Deploying a Key Store to JBoss/Wildfly

ant deploy-keystore

Files Deployed

  • keystore.jks is deployed from p12 to standalone/configuration/keystore/

  • truststore.jks is deployed from p12 to standalone/configuration/keystore/