EJBCA Enterprise has full support for ICAO PKI as specified in the document ICAO 9303 - Machine Readable Travel Documents.

ICAO Specific Options

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) introduces certain extensions and modifications to X509 standards. These features should not be enabled for non-ICAO CA users, to avoid allowing running non-standardized X509 operations with unwanted results.

Enable CA Name Change 

Select CA Name Change to enable the feature used during renewal on the Edit CA page. This ICAO feature is used for Certificate Signing CA (CSCAs). For more information, see the EJBCA User Guide section CA Fields.


ENTERPRISE  This is an EJBCA Enterprise feature.

You can use EJBCA Enterprise for EAC ePassport PKI creating CVCAs, DVs and issuing IS certificates. For more information on using EJBCA for a complete PKI for CVC CAs, see CVC CA.