The following provides information on developing a custom publisher and alternatively publishing with an external application using the General Purpose Custom Publisher (GPCP).

For information on custom publisher implementations, see Certificate Sampler Custom Publisher, Cert Safe Publisher for an HTTPS Server, and Customer Specific Publisher for a PKD-like Catalog.

Developing a Custom Publisher 

If your setup makes it complex to configure multiple certificate profiles and multiple publishers, you might consider writing a bespoke custom publisher.

For more information on writing your own solution, refer to the directory modules/ejbca-common/src/org/ejbca/core/model/ca/publishers. You can use and extend the empty custom publisher

Custom publishers are deployed in the same way as custom services, i.e. in a Jar with a special meta-data file. For example:

# Example file. Should be named META-INF/services/

Additionally, you can have your publisher implement to make the configuration more user-friendly in the CA GUI.

Custom Publisher Implementations

For information on custom publisher implementations, see the following sections: