This patch release resolves the following issues.

Version Incompatibility Issue with Database Protection

EJBCA 7.2.0 introduced a version incompatibility issue with database protection, affecting EJBCA installations with database protection enabled. When upgrading from an earlier version to either 7.2.0 or 7.2.1, the issue prevented access to End Entities created in earlier versions of EJBCA.

The database protection in EJBCA is backward compatible with the 7.2.0 and 7.2.1 releases as well as with prior versions.

EST Alias Configuration Error

Fixed previous EST alias configuration error. Now, username is no longer required for an EST alias, and usage of an EST alias without any form of authentication is prevented.

Upgrade Information

As a patch release, the upgrade steps to EJBCA are the same as to EJBCA 7.2.1. For upgrade instructions and information on upgrade paths, see Upgrading EJBCA.

Change Log: Resolved Issues

For full details of fixed bugs and implemented features in EJBCA, refer to our JIRA Issue Tracker.

Issues Resolved in

Released on 22 August 2019

Bug Fixes

ECA-8457 - Database protection broken on existing installations

ECA-8428 - EST Name Generation USERNAME option gives error message when client username not set