APRIL 2024

This release includes REST API certificate search performance improvements and error corrections.

Upgrade Information

The upgrade procedure is the same as for EJBCA 8.2. See the EJBCA 8.2 Upgrade Notes for upgrade information.

Change Log: Resolved Issues

The following lists fixed issues in EJBCA 8.2.1.

Issues Resolved in 8.2.1

Released April 2024


ECA-12241 - Introduce granular search criteria in REST API

ECA-12301 - Upgrade Apache CXF to 4.0.4

ECA-12316 - Introduce 'begins with' search operation in REST API

Bug Fixes

ECA-12011 - custom_data in REST v1/endentity requires extension_data set as well

ECA-12231 - Increase meta space size

ECA-12238 - Speed up certificate search query