EJBCA Upgrade Notes

Below are important changes and requirements to be aware of when upgrading from EJBCA 7.3.1 to EJBCA

For general upgrade instructions and information on upgrade paths, see Upgrading EJBCA.

Database Changes

Being a maintenance release, EJBCA includes no database changes. If upgrading from 7.2.1 or earlier versions of EJBCA, the changes are the same as for EJBCA 7.3.

Behavioral Changes

Custom Extensions and other plugins need to be declared in cesecore.propertes

EJBCA introduced stricter rules for deserializing objects from the database in order to avoid security concerns regarding execution of hostile code. As a result, most custom code injected into EJBCA has become invalid. Thus, these classes need to be declared in cesecore.properties as a comma-separated list:


For more information, see Allowing Custom Classes in the Database and Managing EJBCA Configurations.