Troubleshooting Guide

This section provides some basic troubleshooting steps and tips to help you get back on track. Search for an answer to your question or see the respective section below.

Troubleshooting Topics

Debug Logging

To troubleshoot unexpected behavior, enable more detailed (debug) logging by running the following command in the JBoss CLI:

/subsystem=logging/logger=org.ejbca:write-attribute(name=level, value=DEBUG)
/subsystem=logging/logger=org.cesecore:write-attribute(name=level, value=DEBUG)

Do not get intimidated by long stack-traces but look for the message text and additional clues on lines starting with Caused by:. Reproduce issues in a test environment with full debug logging enabled and to find out under what circumstances the issue occurs, seemingly spontaneous or as a response to a certain set of actions or input? For more information, see Enabling Debug Logging and Logging.

Online Documentation

Ensure that your configuration is correct and performed according to the steps described in the EJBCA Installation.

Online Community

Use support forums or mailing lists. Provide full context, environment, the relevant logs, steps taken, and what you are trying to accomplish. For EJBCA discussion forums on Sourceforge, see Sourceforge EJBCA Discussion Forums and for EJBCA mailing lists hosted on Sourceforge, refer to Sourceforge EJBCA Mailing Lists.

PrimeKey Support

Customers with a valid support contract can contact PrimeKey Support and search the PrimeKey Support Portal.