This video tutorial describes how to create an Ansible AWS instance to be used with EJBCA, allowing you to automatically create EJBCA CAs within your environment.


Before you start, ensure the following prior to creating the Ansible AWS instance for EJBCA:

Creating an Ansible AWS Instance

This video tutorial walks you through the steps of creating an Ansible AWS instance to be used with EJBCA.

This video tutorial is the second part of the EJBCA DevSecOps with Ansible pre-workshop preparations Connecting an Ansible Controller to EJBCA Cloud in AWS.

The EJBCA DevSecOps with Ansible workshop guides you through a sample Ansible EJBCA playbook and includes hands-on demonstrations and exercises:

  • How to use the PrimeKey Devs Ansible EJBCA playbook
  • Add CAs, Certificate Profiles, and End Entity Profiles to EJBCA
  • How easy it is to automate EJBCA configurations
  • Deploy EJBCA Cloud in AWS
  • Deploy an Ansible Controller in AWS
  • Deploy EJBCA configurations using Ansible

For more information and to sign up for the workshop, refer to EJBCA DevSecOps with Ansible – a PrimeKey Tech Days 2021 workshop.