This Operations guide contains information on how to use EJBCA.

EJBCA Concept Guide

The EJBCA Concept Guide provides information on configurations and options available in EJBCA and is intended for administrators responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining EJBCA installations.

EJBCA User Guide

For information on how to perform day to day administrative tasks in EJBCA, see EJBCA User Guide.


Information on the new Peer Connector based External RA.


The CVC CA section provides information on using EJBCA for setting up a complete PKI infrastructure for CVC (Card Verifiable Certificates) CAs.

EJBCA Audit Logging

For information on EJBCA Audit Logging and Integrity Protected Security Audit Log implementation storing log entries to the database, relying on the EJBCA Database Integrity Protection for protecting the authenticity of log events, see EJBCA Audit Logging.