The sections below contain information on the scope of delivery as well as details about the IdAM hardware device.

Scope of Delivery

The IdAM package contains the following items:

  • IdAM Hardware Appliance.
  • 1 set of DIN rail mounting kit, including one DIN rail clip.

Interfaces and Operating Elements

The following provides an overview of the IdAM hardware interface.

  1. On/Off switch
  2. 24V DC power supply connection
  3. Protective conductor
  4. Device Adapter Interface (RJ45)
  5. Rule Engine and administration (RJ45)
  6. Trust Service Adapter (RJ45)

Status Display

The following provides information about the status display.


Green: IdAM is running.
Flashing green/yellow: BIOS in post, power switch on.

Install on DIN Rail

To install the device on a DIN rail, do the following.

Attaching the DIN Rail Bracket

Before installing the device on a DIN rail, attach the DIN rail clip to the device. The bracket and the screws are supplied with the device. 

  • Fasten the DIN rail clip with four screws.

Mounting on DIN Rail

The DIN rail (35 mm standard profile) is installed at the installation site.

  • Place the IdAM and rail clip on the upper edge of the standard profile rail.

  • Push down the device. Once the rail clip is over the bottom edge of the standard profile rail, push the device towards the standard profile rail to make the device click into place.

Removing from DIN Rail

To remove the device from a DIN rail, do the following:

  • Push down the device until it is released by the rail clips.
  • Swing the device out of the standard profile rail.
  • Lift the device up and off.

Next, for instructions on connecting the Identity Authority Manager (IdAM), see Connect and Boot the IdAM.