The following covers how to initially log in to the IdAM. 


You do not need to connect an external display or keyboard in order to start, but you need to ensure that IdAM has been connected according to the Connect and Boot the IdAM instructions before continuing.

Since the IdAM is delivered with fixed IP-addresses, it needs to be connected to a network with the IP address range for the initial configuration:

  • Ensure that only one IdAM with default configuration is in the network. 
  • Ensure that all devices have unique addresses.
  • Check your IP address with your system administrator.
  • Ensure that the IP address of the device is unique before you start up the system.
  • Do not assign the same IP address to any other device on the network.

Log in and change credentials

The IdAM is delivered with the pre-configured profiles sysadmin and tenant. They have the following default credentials:



You should change these credentials after initially switching on the IdAM. Proceed as follows:

  1. Wait for the boot process to complete. This can take up to 3 minutes.
  2. Connect your workstation to the same network.
  3. In your browser, go to The Login screen opens:

  4. Enter the default credentials for the system administrator:

    Password: PrimeKey
  5. Click Login. The start screen opens:

  6. Open the menu in the top-right corner and select Profile. The Profile page opens:

  7. Change the default login credentials:
    • Email will be used as Username
    • Click Change password to define a new Password.
  8. Click Save to confirm your changes.
  9. Repeat these steps to change the default credentials of the tenant profile.

The initial set-up of the IdAM is now complete and the next step is to configure the individual VMs, starting with the Device Adapter.