The following outlines the architecture of the PrimeKey Identity Authority Manager and its components.

Device Adapter (DA)

The Device Adapter (DA) interface is used for communicating with the device that requested a digital identity. The Device Adapter provides various protocol adapters, for example, CMP (Certificate Management Protocol), and REST (Representational State Transfer).

Rule Engine and Administration

The Rule Engine and Administration interface is used for managing, adapting, and modeling the identity validation processes and integration towards external sources such as the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and databases.

Trust Service Adapter (TSA)

The Trust Service Adapter (TSA) interface is used for communicating with the certificate issuing services.

Trust Anchor Adapter (TAA)

The Trust Anchor Adapter (TAA) provides the interface and the abstraction layer for the underlying Trust Anchor (TA). 

Trust Anchor (TA)

The Trust Anchor (TA) provides core crypto functions and random number generation. It is implemented as dedicated hardware or in software.