IdAM Concepts

The following lists definitions for general and Identity Authority Manager (IdAM) specific concepts and key terms.

For more information on the Rule Engine, see Rule Engine Concepts and for more information on general PKI definitions and EJBCA specific concepts, refer to the EJBCA Documentation on EJBCA Concepts.

IdAM Concepts

Birth Certificate

The birth certificate is the initial identity of the device or unit. It should be used to issue new certificates, secure communication, and updates throughout the device lifecycle.

Device Adapter

The device adapter interface is used for communication with the device in production.

Sequence Controller and Administration

The Sequence Controller and Administration interface is used for managing, adapting, and modeling the identity verification and validation processes.

Trust Service Adapter

The Trust Service Adapter interface is used for communication with the certificate-issuing services.

Trust Anchor

The Trust Anchor provides core crypto functions and random number generation. It is implemented as a dedicated hardware or in software.