MARCH 2022

We are pleased to announce the release of NPKD 1.6.1.

This is a maintenance release, with a platform upgrade as well as several bug fixes.


New Features and Improvements

The following lists new features and improvements included in the release.

  • Updated BouncyCastle to 1.70.
  • Updated CESeCore to 7.8.1.
  • Updated the user interface library, PrimeFaces.
  • Improved handling of ICAO and CRL timeouts.
  • Improved handling when malformed data is imported.
  • Support for Java 17 and Wildfly 24

Upgrade Information

The tokenProviderId column has been added to the RoleMemberData database table. This column is not used by NPKD but is needed by the CESeCore platform.

To add the new column, run the upgrade script available in doc/sql-scripts/upgrade-1.6-to-1.6.1.sql in the release ZIP file. 

Note that upgrades from NPKD 1.4.x and older versions are no longer supported. If you wish to upgrade from 1.4.x or older versions, you must upgrade in two steps: first to version 1.6.0, and then to 1.6.1.