PKI Appliance Introduction

The following offers a brief introduction to the PrimeKey PKI & SignServer Appliance. For more information, refer to the PrimeKey webpages PKI Appliance and SignServer Appliance.

Note that the PKI Appliance product documentation is currently delivered with the software and that providing online documentation here is under development.

PKI Appliance

PrimeKey PKI Appliance is a PKI-in-a-box able to combine our Enterprise software with a secure technology stack and enterprise-grade hardware, including a Hardware Security Module (HSM). In a single deployment of the Appliance you get all the benefits of EJBCA Enterprise. And a single instance of the Appliance enables you to govern multiple CAs, reducing any need for several, dedicated hardware units.

Manufactured from our comprehensive experience and expertise, PrimeKey PKI Appliance succeeds in making your EJBCA PKI solution more robust, cost efficient and more scalable.

SignServer Appliance

SignServer Appliance is based on the server-side signing software SignServer Enterprise. Being a multi-purpose platform SignServer Enterprise also brings extensive support for several signing use cases including, code, document, time-stamping and travel document, and the corresponding signature formats. With this and the integrated hardware security module in SignServer Appliance you will get maximum control and security.