SEE Introduction

The following offers a brief introduction to the PrimeKey Secure Execution Environment (SEE).

For more information, refer to the PrimeKey Secure Execution Environment webpage.

Note that providing online product documentation here is under development.

Protect your Application

The PrimeKey SEE is a full-size rack-mount application server that comes with a patented FIPS protected execution environment for any operating system and application. It ensures that the server runtime environment at all times only can be accessed by an authorized security administrator, making it impossible to access, to extract or to modify by an unauthorized party. By doing so it opens up a new world of possibilities where you can run each mission-critical application in any uncontrolled environment.

Prevent Software and Data Theft

No need to fear that someone will steal or copy your software. You can now deploy your product in places with public access or where you fear that someone would be interested in extracting your software with untoward outcome for your business. With PrimeKey SEE you can place your software wherever it benefits further advances of your business.

Prevent Manipulation

If your software controls sensitive information or functionality you know the consequences that an undetected malicious modification can have. Your IoT device might be hacked, your data compromised or your machines stop working. With SEE you can sleep sound, no one can access or modify your software and data.