PrimeKey Secure Execution Environment (SEE) is a full-size rack-mount application server that comes with a patented FIPS protected execution environment for any operating system and application. It ensures that the server runtime environment at all times only can be accessed by an authorized security administrator, making it impossible to access, extract, or to modify by any unauthorized party. By doing so it helps you secure your software and your data when deployed in insecure and potentially hostile environments. 

The SEE provides a platform where the complete software and hardware stack are fully enclosed and protected within a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified environment, allowing you to utilize the cryptographic libraries and tooling of your choice. The SEE platform combines the protection of the operating system, the applications, and the data that need to reside in an insecure environment. 


For an outline of the design of the SEE and the main functions of the three hardware components, see SEE Architecture.

Technical Specifications

For technical specifications of the Secure Execution Environment (SEE), see Technical Specifications.