The following sections cover creating the VM disk image and configuring your VM in order to deploy and run your VM application in a safe environment within a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 secure boundary. The different SEE operational states, controlling the level of access and restrictions, are also described.

Operational States

The SEE operates within three different states according to the principle that the higher the operating state, the further access controls and restrictions are placed on the SEE. For more information on the operation levels and transitioning of the states, see SEE Operational States.

Install Virtual Machines

You create the disk image file(s) outside of the SFP using a virtualization application, copy the image to the SEE and then configure the VM to deploy and run your VM application.

For information on creating the image file and instructions on how configure your VM using the VM Administration (vmadmin) wizard, see Install Virtual Machines.

For information on how to load, configure, and deploy an application using the web management interface (WebConf), see How to Load Applications into SEE.