The following sections cover tasks for configuring the SFP network and for configuring and managing your VMs as well as a detailed description of working with WebConf. You will also find instructions on how to work with the True Random Number Generator.

For information on how to load, configure, and deploy an application using the web management interface (WebConf), see How to Load Applications into SEE.

Configure the SFP Network via SSH

After you have given SSH access to the SFP, you can configure your SFP network via SSH. For more information, see Configure the SFP Network via SSH.

WebConf User Interface

WebConf is provided by a web server that runs on a virtual machine deployed by PrimeKey. You can use it for numerous SEE configuration and managing tasks. For information on working with WebConf, see WebConf User Interface.

Install and Manage Virtual Machines

You create the disk image file(s) outside of the SFP using a virtualization application, copy the image to the SEE and then configure the VM to deploy and run your VM application.

For information on creating the image file and instructions on how configure your VM using the VM Administration (vmadmin) wizard, see Install Virtual Machines.

For information on signing Virtual Machines, see Sign Virtual Machines.

True Random Number Generator TRNG

The SEE features a hardware-based NeuG True Random Number Generator (TRNG). For information on how to configure and use the TRNG, see Work wih SEE True Random Number Generator (TRNG).