The Hardware Platform team is pleased to announce the release of the Hardware Appliance version 3.11.2.

This release brings a new updated version of SignServer Enterprise.

With this release, we have also added an updated version of the documentation that was not delivered with the previous version 3.11.1.


New version of SignServer Enterprise

Updated version of SignServer Enterprise to 5.11.2, see the SignServer Release Notes.

Upgrade Information

Please note the following known limitations when upgrading to version 3.11.2:

  • CA/VA setup: Internal Key Binding default Protocol and Cipher Suite not working (MONT-3638)
  • Changing IPv4 address in a cluster might lead to IPv6 address disappearing (MONT-3626)
  • Updating a cluster node > node1 might lead to IPv6 address disappearing (MONT-3625)

For general upgrade information and limitations to be aware of, review the Upgrade Notes.