The Hardware Platform team is pleased to announce the release of EJBCA Hardware Appliance and SignServer Hardware Appliance version 3.13.0.

This release brings new updated versions of EJBCA Enterprise and SignServer Enterprise as well as updated versions of MariaDB and Galera cluster.


New versions of EJBCA Enterprise and SignServer Enterprise

EJBCA Enterprise 8.2

Updated version of EJBCA Enterprise, see the EJBCA Release Notes.

SignServer Enterprise 6.2

Updated version of SignServer Enterprise, see the SignServer Release Notes.

End of support for Utimaco PKCS#11 R1

We have reached the final stage of phasing out support for the legacy Utimaco PKCS#11 R1 stack. Starting from this version, using PKCS#11 R1 is officially not supported and customers who are still using it with their current installation are required to upgrade and migrate to PKCS#11 R2.

Using the Hardware Appliance Web Configuration wizard, you can migrate your data to PKCS#11 R2 when restoring a backup of an installation still running PKCS#11 R1, see Migrating the HSM Key Material from PKCS#11 R1 to PKCS#11 R2. If you need help with the migration process, please contact Keyfactor support for assistance. 

New Features and Improvements

The following lists new features and improvements included in the release.


  • Update MariaDB version to 10.6.16
  • Update MariaDB Java Connector version to 2.7.11
  • Update Galera cluster version to 26.4.16

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed mail notifications
  • Fixed display of memory usage in WebConf Status page

Upgrade Information

Please note the following known limitations when upgrading to version 3.13.0:

  • ECDSA-Brainpool Algorithms are only supported with P11NG
  • EJBCA WebService does not work if TLS 1.3 is enabled
  • Changing IPv4 address in a cluster might lead to IPv6 address disappearing
  • Updating a cluster node > node1 might lead to IPv6 address disappearing

For important upgrade information and limitations to be aware of, review the Upgrade Notes.