SignServer Enterprise provides built-in modules for fully controlled, cryptographic processing, utilized for signing documents and code. Signing can be done large-scale, guaranteeing both availability and speed.

SignServer Enterprise now supports Azure Key Vault to store signing keys, see Key Vault Integration Guide. Connect one or several Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to secure signature keys.


  • Azure Key Vault support for Signing Key Storage
  • Time Stamp Authority (TSA)
  • ePassports signer (MRTD)
  • PDF signer
  • Cryptographic Message Syntax signer (CMS, PKCS#7)
  • MS Authenticode signer for executables, drivers, libraries and installers (MSI)
  • Java and Android code signer
  • PGP code signer
  • Debian package signer
  • DNSSEC signer


The following guides provide relevant information to get your instance of SignServer Cloud on Azure running and to get you started with the SignServer software.

Launch Guide

Deploy SignServer Enterprise Cloud from Azure and log in to the SignServer Administration Web for the first time.

Quick Start Guide

Guide for users unfamiliar with SignServer. Walks you through getting started with code and document signing.

Key Vault Integration Guide

Assists users integrating SignServer Cloud with Microsoft Azure Key Vault.