We are pleased to announce the release of SignServer Cloud 2.0. This is a significant release that it brings many upgrades and new features to SignServer Cloud. 

Additional changes are OS upgrades. Amazon Linux 2023 in AWS and Oracle Linux 9.2 in Azure are now the provided OS versions. 

There is a CVE that was addressed in the 2.4.58 version of Apache that we wanted to get patched so Apache was upgraded.


Configuration Wizard

There is now a wizard in SignServer cloud so an external database can be selected.

Supported databases are MariaDB/MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle. The wizard also can configure a P11NG worker for CloudHSM or a Azure Key Vault worker so sign keys can be stored directly in an HSM.

SignServer Enterprise Upgrade

SignServer Cloud updates SignServer Enterprise to version 6.2. For more information, see SignServer 6.2 Release Notes.

Upgrade Information

For information on how to upgrade a SignServer Cloud hourly instance node from one version of SignServer to another, see the AWS Restore and Upgrade Guide.