SignServer Cloud Release Notes Summary

The following summary lists new features and other changes included in SignServer Cloud releases.

For more information on features and improvements implemented in the latest release, see the SignServer Cloud Release Notes.

SignServer Cloud 1.6

SSCLOUD15 - script misses private key after shut down once the public IP is released.

SSCLOUD16 - Upgrade SignServer to 5.4.0

SSCLOUD18 - Add p12 directory to backup and restore scripts so superadmin cert and Apache certs are included.

SignServer Cloud 1.5

SignServer Enterprise upgraded to 5.3.0

SignServer Cloud 1.4

SignServer Enterprise upgraded to 5.2.0

SignServer Cloud 1.3

SSCLOUD-12 - Reduce Galera memory for small sized instances to 1GB

SSCLOUD-13 - Upgrade SignServer to 5.1.0 on Cloud version

SSCLOUD-14 - Upgrade MariaDB to 10.2.21

SignServer Cloud 1.2

SSCLOUD-11 - Upgrade CloudHSM Provider to handle large key handles in CloudHSM

SignServer  Cloud 1.1

SSCLOUD-2 - Upgrade SignServer to 4.4

SSCLOUD-3 - SignServer now working with CloudHSM

SSCLOUD-4 - Upgrade MariaDB to 10.2.18 and JDBC connector to 2.2.6

SSClOUD-5 - Upgrade AMI to Amazon Linux 2

SSCloud-6 - Added CloudHSM PKCS11 Worker Template

SSCloud-7 - Fixed script to avoid TLS mismatch

SignServer Cloud 1.0

Initial release - SignServer Enterprise 4.3.1

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