JULY 2023

This release of SignServer Software Appliance version 2.4.1 resolves an issue in version 2.4.0 and 2.3.3, and it is an update to the not generally available SignServer Software Appliance 2.4.0 and 2.3.3 releases.

This release brings extended hardware security module (HSM) support, and introduces syslog shipping over TLS and email notification capabilities. The release also includes a hotfix for an issue discovered in SignServer Software Appliance 2.3.3 regarding our syslog rotation. With this release, we have also updated SignServer Enterprise to 6.0.


Support for Securosys Primus X-Series and Securosys CloudsHSM

SignServer Software Appliance now offers support for Securosys Primus X-Series and Securosys CloudsHSM hardware security modules, expanding the range of HSM options available.

Syslog shipping over TLS

With this release, SignServer Software Appliance introduces the ability to ship syslog messages securely over TLS, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of log data during transmission.

Extended notification capabilities

We have enhanced the notification system of SignServer Software Appliance to include email notifications. You can now configure the system to send email notifications for various events in SignServer, keeping you informed about activities in your environment.

New version of SignServer Enterprise

The integrated SignServer component in SignServer Software Appliance has been upgraded to version 6.0. This update includes various enhancements and bug fixes to ensure smooth certificate signing operations. For more information, see the SignServer Release Notes.

Keyfactor Branding enhancement

The user interface of SignServer Software Appliance has been updated with Keyfactor branding enhancements. This includes application logo and favicon updates, aligning the interface with the Keyfactor brand identity.

Improvements and fixes

SignServer Software Appliance 2.4.1 resolves an issue related to importing Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) with more than 40,000 entries. In addition, several minor bug fixes have been addressed to improve system stability and performance. 

We have also introduced a hotfix for the syslog rotation, where logs could consume a great deal of disk space and that individual log files could grow to very large sizes, taxing available disk space and causing system performance issues, making it impossible to generate support packages.

Upgrade Information

For information on the required steps to update the SignServer Software Appliance, see Update Software Appliance Version.