The following describes the required steps to update to the latest version of the Software Appliance.

It is important to delete all snapshots of the virtual machine before you proceed!

Update with KVM

To prepare the update:

  1. Open the Cockpit web interface.
  2. Click on Virtual machines from the Sidebar menu and click on your virtual machine in the list you want to update.
  3. After selecting the Virtual machine a new page opens: make note of the path/storage pool for Hard disk 2.
    <Optional for Storage pools>
    Identify Hard disk 2 path by navigating to Virtual machines from the Sidebar menu and then clicking Storage pools to find the full path.
    Now create a copy of Hard disk 2 with the cp command in a terminal on the KVM server and note down the path of the copy.
    The disk will be used later for the new machine.
  4. Install/Import the new version of a virtual machine of the Software Appliance according to the Installation Instructions
    Replace the second disk that is in the KeyfactorSoftwareAppliance folder of your new Virtual machines with the disk that has been copied in step 3.
    Choose Virtual machines from the Sidebar menu and create a snapshot of the new virtual machine.
  5.  Your Virtual machine is now ready to start.

Finalize the Update

To complete the update:

  1. Log in to KVM.
  2. Click Virtual Machines and select the new Software Appliance VM.
  3. Power on the machine.