The following describes the required steps to update to the latest version of the Software Appliance.

It is important to delete all snapshots of the virtual machine before you proceed!

Update with KVM

The Hard disk 1 and Hard disk 2 can be found in the Disk section under Settings. During the update processes, it is possible that the given names may change. For orientation, it is helpful to know that the firmware disk is always the disk with the smaller data volume.

To prepare the update with a new VM and the new Version of the Software Appliance:

  1. Log in to KVM.
  2. Install/Import the new version of the Software Appliance e.g. 2.5.1 according to the Installation Instructions for new VM on KVM.
  3. Make sure that the new VM is not switched on, i.e. is in Off mode.

Copy the firmware to the desired directory on the new VM:

  1. Click on the newly created VM.
  2. Scroll down a little to the Disks section.
  3. There are two disks, one for the firmware disk and one for the data disk. In our example:
    Disk File: disk2.qcow2 is the firmware disk (with the lower capacity).
    Disk File: disk1.qcow2 is the data disk.

  4. Then create a copy of the firmware disk using the cp command in a terminal on the KVM server.

  5. Make a note of the path to the copy of the firmware.

  6. The firmware disk of the latest Software Appliance version is copied to the chosen directory.
  7. Click on the VM that you want to update.
  8. Remove the old firmware disk from this VM.
  9. Attach the new firmware disk whose path you noted earlier.

Finalize the Update

To complete the update:

  1. Log in to KVM.
  2. Click Virtual Machines and select VM with the freshly updated Software Appliance.
  3. Click Power on.