The following covers steps required to set up PrimeKey PKI Appliance to start using code signing.

If you are not using the PrimeKey PKI Appliance, refer to the SignServer Enterprise (Software) section.

Initial Setup of PKI Appliance

The initial setup of the PKI Appliance transfers the device from the delivery state to a production setup by configuring all components of the system and includes the following steps:

  1. Performing a Factory Reset.
  2. Setting the initial management IP address.
  3. Obtaining the One Time Password (OTP) from the display.
  4. Running the web based configurator WebConf to complete the setup.

For detailed information, refer to the Initial Setup section of the PKI Appliance Installation Guide, available from the PrimeKey Download area on

Access SignServer Administration Web

The SignServer Administration Web allows configuring, administrating, and managing SignServer on the PKI Appliance and is available on where is the domain name of the Appliance.

For details on how to access the SignServer Admin Web from the PKI Appliance, refer to the SignServer Administration Web section of the PKI Appliance User Guide, available from the PrimeKey Download area on