The SignServer installation is covered in the following steps:

If you are interested in an easy-to-deploy, packaged solution, see our SignServer Software Appliance.

And if you are looking to try out and evaluate SignServer and want to get going as quickly as possible, see the quick start guide Quick Start Guide - Start SignServer Container with Client Certificate Authenticated Access.

Before installing SignServer, ensure to review the list of required software, see Prerequisites.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of SignServer, see Upgrade SignServer. For information on implemented features and changes in SignServer releases, see SignServer Release Information.


  • Note that when describing command line commands, the Unix notation is used for the executable command files, for example, The same command files are available for Windows as cmd-files, for example, signserver.cmd.
  • X_HOME is used for indicating the file system directory location of application X. For example, SIGNSERVER_HOME is the home directory of the unzipped SignServer distribution and APPSRV_HOME is used for the home directory of the application server, for example, JBOSS_HOME.