The archiving feature can be used to save all requests and/or responses.

For the OldDatabaseArchiver and Base64DatabaseArchiver, in some extent, the Admin CLI can be used to query the archive. See the CLI section for more information.

When a request has been process each Archiver is called one at the time to archive any results.


Used instead of the old ARCHIVE property to enable archiving by listing the class names of all the Archivers that should be used. Multiple Archivers can be specified separated by a "," (comma character).


ARCHIVERS=org.signserver.server.archive.olddbarchiver.OldDatabaseArchiver, org.signserver.server.archive.otherarchiver.OtherArchiver123

ARCHIVEPreviously the archiving was enabled by setting the property to "TRUE". This is the same as to set as described in the example.

Default: FALSE.



See also the section about all available Archivers.