ENTERPRISE  This is a SignServer Enterprise feature.

The Crypto Worker is a worker not performing any operations on its own and instead only hosts a Crypto Token that can be referenced by other workers.

Note that the JackNJI11KeyWrappingCryptoWorker has been renamed P11NGKeyWrappingCryptoWorker as of SignServer 6.0.

This crypto worker internally implements a P11NGKeyWrappingCryptoToken and requires a P11NGCryptoToken referenced by the CRYPTOTOKEN property to use as the source crypto token.

Fully qualified class name: org.signserver.p11ng.common.cryptotoken.P11NGKeyWrappingCryptoWorker

Worker Properties



CRYPTOTOKENName of (crypto) worker holding the P11NGCryptoToken to use as the source crypto token.
DEFAULTKEYKey alias of the secret/symmetric wrapping key in the token that should be used to wrap and unwrap keys. Required.
WRAPPED_TESTKEYKey alias of wrapped key stored in the database that can be used to test that unwrapping is working. If specified, the worker will be offline if a test signing cannot be performed with this key. Optional.

Cipher algorithm used to wrap the keys by secret/symmetric key. The value can be provided as PKCS#11 mechanism name, long constant value, or hexadecimal constant value. For more information on the Wrapping Cipher Algorithm, see P11NGKeyWrappingCryptoToken. Optional.

Default value is CKM_AES_CBC_PAD.

Note that all crypto token features are not supported by this worker if running in NoDB mode. For more information, see NoDB Mode in P11NGKeyWrappingCryptoToken.