Fully qualified class name: org.signserver.module.tsa.RequestedPolicyDispatcher


Dispatches the time-stamp request to an other signer based on the requested TSA Policy according to an configured mapping table. This dispatcher can be useful if you want to have multiple signers (Timestamp Units) signing with different TSA policies but don't want the client to have to call different workers.

See also the DispatchedAuthorizer which if configured by a signer can allow all requests that has gone through a Dispatcher.

Available Properties 

DEFAULTWORKER Worker name or ID to dispatch to in case no policy was requested.
USEDEFAULTIFMISMATCH If true dispatches to DEFAULTWORKER in case no mapping existed for the requested policy OID (default: false)
MAPPINGS Mapping from requested policy OID to a worker name. 
The property is of the form: 
INCLUDESTATUSSTRING Specifies if the status string is to be included in the response. This setting only affects the behavior when USEDEFAULTIFMISMATCH is false, and there is no mapping for the requested policy. In case there is a mapping (or no mapping and USEDEFAULTIFMISMATCH is true), the state of INCLUDESTATUSSTRING of the used signer is used to determine if the status string is included. Setting this to true triggers a bug in some versions of OpenJDK's jarsigner utility. (OPTIONAL), default true.