APRIL 2023

The SignServer team is pleased to announce the release of SignServer

This minor release includes several improvements and fixes.

Corrections have been made regarding configuration updates in shared database setups, PDF signing, the use of special characters in input file names, and more.

Improvements include library upgrades and enhancements to the use of signature algorithms in automated certificate renewals from a peer-connected EJBCA certificate authority (CA).

In addition, a new configuration option in the SignServer Administration Web user interface improves performance and speeds up the loading of SignServer Workers pages.

Deployment options include SignServer Hardware Appliance, SignServer Software Appliance, and SignServer Cloud.


Deprecation of WildFly version 14

As of SignServer 5.11.3, the use of WildFly version 14 is deprecated.

Upgrade Information

Review the SignServer Upgrade Notes for important upgrade information. For upgrade instructions, see Upgrade SignServer.

SignServer 5.11.3 is included in SignServer Hardware Appliance 3.11.3, SignServer Software Appliance 2.3.3, and SignServer Cloud 1.13.4.

Change Log: Resolved Issues

The following lists fixed bugs and implemented features in SignServer

Issue Resolved in

Released April 2023

Bug Fix

DSS-2602 - Regression: Webtest DssQa97_SelectAllCheckbox fails on generate CSR page

Issues Resolved in 5.11.3

Internal Release

New Features

DSS-2522 - Option to choose hash algorithm and to request certificate in performance test client

DSS-2529 - Use of other signature algorithm than SIGNATUREALGORITHM property for peers/remote key binding initiated signing requests

DSS-2560 - Add global configuration option to not display statuses on the workers page


DSS-2512 - Add standalone SNTP tool

DSS-2535 - Create JUnit tests for TSA_URL in PDFSigner

DSS-2536 - Add webtest for the 'not logged in' page of AdminWeb

DSS-2559 - Increase Zone file signers admin performance and options for disabling checks

DSS-2577 - Upgrade library

Bug Fixes

DSS-2521 - Expired hard coded certificate in test code

DSS-2526 - Worker Authorization "Reload from Database" doesn't work properly

DSS-2527 - SignServer changes the uploaded file name if contains special characters like "ä"

DSS-2544 - Some unit tests are failing during the build with Java 11 and 8

DSS-2545 - AdES signer unit tests started to fail as key size 2048 is no longer considered reliable for signature creation

DSS-2547 - PDF signature invalidates the previous one

DSS-2580 - Keys not listed with P11NG Crypto Token after activation until after 2 min or after a new key is generated