The PrimeKey SignServer team is pleased to announce the release of SignServer 5.2.0.


New and Improved Client Web

Since the SignServer Demo Web is not used exclusively for demonstration purposes but is also widely utilized in production, the former Demo Web has now been renamed Client Web.

We have also improved the new Client Web forms for submitting signature requests and updated the interface.

Administration Interface Changes

The SignServer Administration Web (AdminWeb) interface is now available in SignServer Community edition as well as in SignServer Enterprise.

The Administration Web was first introduced in SignServer Enterprise version 4.1, providing a web interface for SignServer implementing all functionality available in the Java desktop application SignServer Administration GUI.

The former SignServer Administration GUI is as of this release deprecated in Signserver Enterprise and removed in the Community edition.

For more information on SignServer's web interface, see Administration Web.

Algorithm Drop-down Lists

We have added AdminWeb drop-down lists allowing you to choose among available options when specifying the key algorithm and key length/curve when generating keys or certificate signing requests. 

You are thus no longer required to type the name of the algorithm or key specification manually but can choose to do so if another option than the ones listed is desired.

Upgrade Information

Review the SignServer Upgrade Notes for important information about this release. For upgrade instructions, see Upgrade SignServer.

Change Log: Resolved Issues

For full details of fixed bugs and implemented features in SignServer 5.2.0, refer to our JIRA Issue Tracker.

Issues Resolved in 5.2.0

Released on 31 October 2019

New Features

DSS-1633 - Key length/type drop-down with suggestions in Admin Web

DSS-2002 - AdminWeb in Community


DSS-2016 - Break out peers functionality for for the admin web to a service lookup

DSS-2020 - Migrate SignServer-Core-Web from JSP to JSF

DSS-2021 - Update index page in SignServer-Core-Web

DSS-2022 - Redesign/clean-up old demo web pages


DSS-610 - Remove *StatisticsCollectorS

DSS-1743 - Disable autocomplete for password field in demo web page

DSS-1744 - Change from "Demo Web" to a Client Web

DSS-1745 - Don't print SignServer version on Public and Client Web

DSS-1948 - Add templates and sample configs for dispatcher workers

DSS-2014 - Move AdminGUI to Enterprise

DSS-2015 - Deprecate AdminGUI

Bug Fixes

DSS-1487 - Mispelled artifactId for SignServer-Client-ClientWS

DSS-1778 - Typo in template

DSS-1875 - PKCS11CryptoToken attributes example in documentation contains disabled mechanisms

DSS-1994 - NPE when legacy encoding is used and there is an exception generating the response

DSS-2017 - Regression: HealthCheck tests failing as a new test is not cleaning up

DSS-2019 - Regression: TimeMonitor-Common unit tests in non-standard location