Learn how to get started with SignServer Community as a Docker Container. In this guide, you will learn to:

  • Install Docker
  • Pull SignServer Community container
  • Start SignServer Community container
  • Import client certificate into your browser
  • Access SignServer Administration Web


Before you begin, you need a fresh Ubuntu 22.04 LTS that already has Snap installed and ready to go.

To authenticate with SignServer Administration Web, you need to import a client certificate into your web browser. If you do not have a client certificate or a Certificate Authority (CA), you can follow the Quick Start Guide - Issue Client Authentication Certificate using EJBCA to start a CA and issue a client certificate using EJBCA.

Next steps

In this guide, you learned how to start a SignServer container with client certificate authenticated access.

To learn how to deploy SignServer in Kubernetes using a Helm chart, you can follow the Tutorial - Deploy SignServer using a Helm chart.

Next, you can browse our other video tutorials on the Keyfactor Community YouTube channel.