Before installing SignServer, review this list of required software to be installed. 

OpenJDK 8Recommended.

Oracle Java 8

Note that if using Oracle Java, you must enable the unlimited policy files, see Install Java.

OpenJDK 11

If building SignServer, running OpenJDK 8 is recommended.

Ensure that you are using an application server which supports Java 11, for example, WildFly 14.

Application Server
JBoss EAP 7.0-7.2
WildFly 9, 10, 11, 14
MariaDB 5.5/10Recommended.

MySQL 5.5

PostgreSQL 9
Oracle Database 10/11g

You can choose to install SignServer without a database management system and instead rely on SignServer to manage persistence using local files, see SignServer without Database.

Deployment Tool
Apache Ant 1.9 or later
Optional: Build Tool
Apache Maven 3Only required when building SignServer from source. Note that building requires running Java 8.