Step 1: Configuring the Smart Card in Firefox

For the following process description, we have used the following:

  • Smart card: MARX CrypToken from SafeSign
  • Operating system: Ubuntu14.04
  • Drivers used for the smart card: SafeSignIdentityClient-3.0-33.amd64.deb

The process can be followed analogously with other smart cards.

Proceed as follows to install the super admin certificate via Firefox:

  1. In Firefox open Preferences, navigate to the Advanced tab and click Security Devices:

    Firefox: Security Devices
  2. The Device Manager opens and lists Security Modules and Devices. Click Load to define a new security device:

    Firefox: Device Manager
  3. Enter Module Name and Module filename. The value for Module filename has to point to the library that the smart card is using:

    Firefox: Load module
  4. The new device is now listed in the Device Manager window. To log in to the device, click Log In and provide the master password of the smart card:

    Firefox: Smart card login
  5. With the successful login the smart card is configured correctly with Firefox:

    Firefox: Successful smart card login