This Certificate Profiles Overview provides information on Certificate Profiles, Certificate Profile Fields, and defining Custom Certificate Extensions and Extended Key Usages.

For more information about managing, creating and editing certificate profiles, see Certificate Profiles Operations

A certificate profile is a basic template used to primarily restrict the shape and form of a certificate.

To this end, the most noticeable fields in the configuration screen concern purpose, key algorithms and algorithm sizes. 

One of the other primary purposes of certificate profiles is to be able to define key usage, which restricts what tasks a key pair is certified to perform.

Certificate profiles are also where Certificate Transparency is configured. For more information, see Certificate Transparency or information on the Google's Certificate Transparency project.

Certificate profiles can also be restricted to only work under a limited subset of CAs. Setting this value also limits the visibility of the profile to those users who have rights to all chosen CAs.

Certificate Profile Fields 

For more information on each individual field, see Certificate Profile Fields.

Certificate Transparency

Certificate Transparency is a requirement for CA's issuing DV level certificates or higher and is a common feature in corporate X509 CAs as well. For more information, see Certificate Transparency Overview.

Extended Key Usages

For more information on extended key usages, see Extended Key Usages.

Custom Certificate Extensions

For more information about custom certificate extensions, see Custom Certificate Extensions.