The following describes the required steps to update to the latest version of the Software Appliance.

It is important to delete all checkpoints of the virtual machine before you proceed!

Prepare Update

To prepare the update

  1. Log in to Hyper-V.
  2. Power off the Software Appliance you want to update.
  3. Click on the Settings button, then click on Disks.
  4. Make note of the Path for Hard disk 2.
  5. <Optional> You can copy Hard disk 2 to a new location. The disk will be used later for the new machine.
  6. Install/Import the new version of the Software Appliance according to the Installation Instructions.
  7. Make sure the new installed/imported vm is powered off.
  8. Click on the Settings button for the newly imported VM, then click on Disks.
  9. Delete the current Hard disk 2.
  10. Click on Add disk and select Use an existing virtual disk or ISO image file.

  11. Choose Browse to navigate to the location of Hard disk 2 from step 4/5 and confirm with OK.
  12. Save the changes of the new vm with Save disk settings.

Finalize the Update

To complete the update:

  1. Log in to Hyper-V.
  2. Click Virtual Machines and select the new Software Appliance VM.
  3. Power on the machine.