The SignServer Administration Web (AdminWeb) is one of the available interfaces to administrate SignServer. It supports configuration of workers and associated key management as well as querying the audit log and archive.

Other options for administration includes the Administration CLI and the Administration Web Services interfaces.


The SignServer AdminWeb interface can be accessed using a web browser on the default location: /signserver/adminweb/.

HTTPS with client certificate authentication is required, using port 8443 which is then set up to require client certificate.

For a local installation, the address would typically be: https://localhost:8443/signserver/adminweb/

Administration Web pages

The following lists the Administration Web pages available for selection in the menu bar. For more information on the Administration Web "landing" page, see Main Page.

  • Workers: Lists configured workers and their status.
  • Global Configuration: Lists global configuration properties and allows adding new properties, and edit or remove existing properties.
  • Administrators: Lists administrator certificates that have been explicitly granted access and specific roles.
  • Audit Log: Allows querying the audit log. Note that audit log access is only allowed for administrators explicitly granted the Auditor role. For more information, see Administrators.
  • Archive: Allows querying the archive. Note that the log is only available for administrators explicitly granted access. For more information, see Administrators.
  • Documentation: Links to this product documentation, with instructions on how to install, set up, and use SignServer.

User Interface Language

The AdminWeb can be translated into different languages and if supported will use the language preferred by the web browser. The preferred languages can normally be configured in the web browser or the operating system.

For instructions on translating SignServer to new languages, see Internationalization.