Workers CSR Page

Generation of certificate signing requests.

Make sure each worker that should have a CSR generated are selected.

Generate CSR


Name of the worker.

Clicking the link goes to the worker's page.


Select or fill in the name of the key for which the CSR should be generated.

If there are multiple known keys to choose from a drop down menu will allow you to select from.

Press the ">" button to switch to editing of the alias manually and then press "<" button when done.

Signature Algorithm

The signature algorithm to use when creating the signature in the CSR (proof-of-possession).

The algorithm must work with the key algorithm used (i.e. RSA or ECDSA).


  • SHA256withRSA
  • SHA256withECDSA

Subject DN to include in the CSR.

Certification Authorities might or might not use this information when creating the certificate.


  • CN=My PDF Signer,O=PrimeKey Solutions,C=SE
ResultAfter clicking the Generate button displays a button for each worker to download the generated CSR file.

Format Options

Standard CSRCreates a normal PKCS#10 certificate signing request.
CSR signed by worker

Create a PKCS#10 certificate signing request that is encapsulated in a PKCS#7/CMS SignedData structure.

If this option is selected then the drop-down menu should be used to select the CMS signer that will sign the request.



Performs the CSR generation for each selected worker.

The result column will provide a download button for each CSR generated.

CancelReturns to the previous page.