The PrimeKey SignServer team is proud to announce the release of SignServer 5.0.


For this major release, our focus has been on getting our technology stack up to date.

Technology Upgrade

The libraries and internal dependencies used by SignServer has been upgraded to later versions making the software up-to-date and prepared for taking advantage of new features in the platform.

Support for later application server versions such as WildFly 14 and JBoss EAP 7 has been added, allowing running SignServer on more up-to-date application servers.

Initial support has also been added for running SignServer on Java 11 when using a compatible application server. Note that Java 8 is still the recommended and most thoroughly tested version, and also the recommended version for other PrimeKey software.

For more information on supported software versions, see the Prerequisites section in the installation guide.

Improved Installation Guide

The SignServer installation guide has been restructured and improved, making it easier to follow when installing SignServer for the first time. Additionally, the release information including upgrade instructions has been restructured to ease findability.

See the SignServer Installation guide and the SignServer Release Information.

Upgrade Information

No database changes are required for this release but minimum requirements for Java is now version 8 together with a Java EE 7+ application server. Review the SignServer Upgrade Notes for information on changes and requirements to be aware of when upgrading SignServer.

Change Log: Resolved Issues

For full details of fixed bugs and implemented features in SignServer 5.0.0, refer to our JIRA Issue Tracker.

Issues Resolved in 5.0.0

Released on 29 March 2019

New Features

DSS-1762 - Support for running on Java 11 (LTS)

DSS-1855 - AdminGUI over WS with Java 11 support

DSS-1899 - Make AdminGUI work with SunPKCS11 on Java 11

DSS-1902 - Support for building on Java 11


DSS-1857 - Test SunPKCS11 on Java 11

DSS-1858 - Upgrade descriptor files for EE 7 support

DSS-1859 - Test Admin CLI on Java 11

DSS-1860 - Test performance test CLI with Java 11

DSS-1861 - Test P11NG Tool on Java 11

DSS-1862 - Test Database CLI with Java 11

DSS-1889 - Update copyright year for 2019

DSS-1896 - Test Database CLI with PKCS11CryptoToken on Java 11

DSS-1909 - Renew TimeStamping certificate under sample keystore

DSS-1925 - Upgrade apache-commons dependencies

DSS-1926 - Modify application.xml to reflect new JEE7 version

DSS-1927 - Update persistence.xml and orm-dbtype.xml to reflect JEE7 version

DSS-1928 - Update web.xml to Servlet 3.1 use correct JSF 2.2 schema in faces-config.xml

DSS-1929 - Update ejb-jar.xml to 3.2


DSS-1410 - Upgrade to Jsign 2.1

DSS-1628 - Upgrade Jacoco for JDK 9+ compilation

DSS-1629 - Make jax-ws compilation work on JDK 9

DSS-1836 - Drop support for Java 7

DSS-1837 - Drop support for JEE 6 application servers

DSS-1856 - Upgrade bundled CXF library

DSS-1870 - Upgrade to DeployTools 2.2.1

DSS-1879 - Set provider to use in XML Signer

DSS-1892 - Warnings/Error on WildFly-14 startup/usage

DSS-1895 - P11SignTest runs with P11NG provider/job

DSS-1903 - Upgrade to EJBCA/CESeCore 7.0 with Java 11 SunP11 support

DSS-1904 - Upgrade dependencies

DSS-1910 - Upgrade to Bouncy Castle 1.60

DSS-1912 - Upgrade Hibernate to 5.4.1.Final

DSS-1914 - Upgrade POI to 4.0.1 or alternatively 3.17

DSS-1919 - Upgrade Java EE API dependency to version 7

DSS-1923 - Remove JFreeChart as dependency

Bug Fixes

DSS-1842 - Build of SignServer-Test-WebTest is platform dependent

DSS-1863 - StatusReadingLocalComputerTimeSourceTest test failure in some environments

DSS-1865 - Javadoc building platform dependent

DSS-1866 - Regression: Can not setproperties with an existing worker name even if it is the same

DSS-1890 - Hibernate ddl execution failure on wildfly-14.0.1


DSS-1906 - Regression: Bouncy Castle not included in AdminGUI download bundle

DSS-1915 - System Test failures on Windows Job running with Java-11

DSS-1918 - Regression: Can not apply properties with an existing name in AdminWeb

DSS-1934 - Test failures for Database CLI with Oracle DB

DSS-1936 - Regression: Failure to time-stamp with MSAuthCodeCMSSigner not logged properly

DSS-1938 - NoClassDefFoundError for HttpResponseException by peer connector on application server shutdown